The first division of System Group, an international leader in the field of automation and decoration for the ceramic sector, designs and produces technologically advanced solutions, responding to every need of Decoration, Stocking, Choice, Packing, Palletizing and Handling in the ceramic floor and wall tiles.



The decoration systems developed by the Italian company, are producing more than 15.000 plants distributed throughout the world. The rotocolor family offers a huge range of silicone cylinders, whose characteristics and performance represent the state-of-the-art in the sector.

Main characteristics

  • Best print setting
  • Full repeatability of the product
  • Memorization of product revenue
  • Exchange of quick and easy product
  • Compatibility with different types of cylinder
  • Pump bowl color: pneumatic or peristaltic


In digital decoration Creadigit is another winning bet in the area of ​​decorative wall and floor tiles. Great simplicity and product reliability has been stated globally:

Main characteristics

  • Easy installation thanks to its compact design and adjustable on any line 
  • Automatic cleaning only required every 4 hours, enables maximum productivity
  • Intuitive interface
  • Recycle multiple ink

Quality control
The detail is a unique differentiator. The attention to detail and quality of the product over the years have stimulated the development of sophisticated equipment which makes precise control of size, structure, and tone of the ceramic surface finished products.
We have equipment capable of identifying and measuring products with utmost precision in order to provide information on the final product quality.

Equipment provided

  • Check Point – equipment for defect control in production lines
  • RedLine – equipment for controlling the planarity of the entire piece
  • Liner 2000 – equipment for dimensional checking and control of squareness
  • QualitronNG – equipment forquality control and tint

Choose, Packaging and Palletizing
Fully automatic lines to separate the product in quality, size and planarityThere are several models in order to be able to answer all the demands of the market.
Among them are the new generations such as:
4 Phases – Performance and Efficiency

With fully automatic format change, and creation of the package directly on the machine allows:

  • Space saving 
  • Waste reduction (up to 80% of the consumption of card) 
  • Simplifies production 
  • Using one type of card (1200x1200) 
  • Customization layout the decoration box

Multigecko – It is an adaptable and customizable equipment in according with the requirements of space, performance, speed and formats.

Main characteristics

  • Allows sorting of different materials and shapes to meet the requirement for flexibility for companies, with the help of specific software
  • Format 100x200 to 1200x1800 with thickness of 1 a 25 mm 
  • Quick format change, delicate stacking and silent in the placement stage, providing the maximum speed with minimal noise 
  • Speeds and optimizes maintenance operations to batch


Griffon – It is a machine designed to maximize efficiency for each gram of the product

Main characteristics

  • Capacity up to 250 kg
  • Advanced technology allows palletize simultaneously in the vertical and horizontal
  • Optimization of space palletizing
  • Maximum precision and definition stacking always with maximum speed
  • Outstanding efficacy to create intelligent combinations