Gesticer SA – Industrial Tecnologies is headquartered in the center of Portugal and its core business to import, export, commercialization, design and manufacture of equipment and innovative solutions for industry and services. Also provides technical assistance and permanent maintenance to all equipment that produces and represents.

The monitoring and ensuring the proper functioning of their products in the post-sale, result from its commitment to fostering strong relationships, benefit common for customers, suppliers and employees.

The concern for the general well-being is reflected in their attitude face of innovation, continuously seeks the solution more efficient and environmentally friendly technology for each challenge.

As a partner of excellence, Gesticer SA, intends to provide its customers with the best products and solutions to offer added value.



    Looking ahead, don’t give up and with dedication, tenacity and enthusiasm at work, proposing innovate solutions to the market, always winning, and representing optimal investment.

    Our motivation and strong know-how in building solutions custom allows us to contribute to the proper performance of our clients.

    We present products and quality services with proven return. The requirement of our clients commits us to the competence, innovation and results.



    The satisfaction and dedication of all employees are guaranteed quality of service to our customers. We foster skills development of each one for the benefit of all.


    We follow by a great mentor commitment: we are determined and actively defend the ethics business, bearing in mind, creation policies economically sustainable value, actively preventing negative impacts on health, safety and the environment.

Areas of Expertise

The definition of the structure of Gesticer SA results of the permanent commitment with the client's needs.

We have developed a flexible and differentiated structure consisting by various sectors: Ceramics, Logistics, Packaging, Products and Industrial Solutions. Four areas that define our genesis, availability and commitment innovative to the market.

Integrated solutions for processes packaging, end of line and vehicle systems automatic answering all requirements packaging, handling and palletizing.
Commercialization and design solutions for industry and services. Industrial maintenance and accessories.
Automated storage systems with management logistics flows of production, inventory management, picking and distribution system of products. Solutions automated vertical storage.
Technologically advanced solutions for decoration, storage, picking, packing, palletizing and handling. Quality control systems, cutting and grinding.